Tuesday, January 26, 2016


So the work week is done and alas, they say there was a blizzard coming.  School activities held on the weekend will be cancelled.  Alternate side Street parking will be cancelled.  The gas stations were a mad house since everyone needed to get gas (what was wrong with going a few days earlier?)  The supermarkets were chaos also.  Is it the end of the world? or just a snow storm.

Straight from work, my grandson and I went to make some Avon deliveries, get some snacks and then I dropped him off to stay with hubby while I went to the nail salon - ok, not the most important thing to do but they really needed it and the salon was empty.  On the way home a quick stop in the fruit store to pick up some fruit, veggies, soup makings, some cold cuts and dairy.  Then on to home where a quick dinner and some tv was in order.  Now to wait out the storm.  The back patio chairs and table is covered and there is nothing else to do....except sleep in tomorrow.....

The above happened before the blizzard....and Mother Nature dumped 30 inches of snow on us...stopping traffic...banning cars on the road until 7 am Sunday morning.  But schools were open on Monday and getting to work was such a delight...even though I was late.  People do not know how to drive in good weather.....driving in snow is a whole other ballgame.

But made it into work, and back....and tomorrow is another day.....


  1. Nice photo :)
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    Maria V.

    1. Thanks, that is actually how it looked last Saturday. We had pretty warm weather during the week and slowly it is all melting....thanks for stopping by.