Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Replace this

It seems we have become an age where when things dont work, we replace them.  Our grandmas somehow made things work, or grandpas used duct tape for everything.  Nowadays, this generation has decided that if it dont work, throw it out and get another.

As of this morning, I have found out that the same thing applies to your body.  After spending the morning waiting in the doctor's office because I finally went after the pain in my knee has gotten to the worst point ever......after xrays and sitting some more.....I have osteoarthritis in my right knee. Yes, I walk like an old lady - well, I am old - but not that old.. getting there.....anyway, the verdict is I have options.

Actually quite a being pain meds, physical therapy, gel injections or knee replacement.
Needless to say...I dont like any of them.  Meds I am not crazy about because they cause stomach I am just switching where the pain goes.  Physical therapy I neither have the time or patience for, plus it usually causes more pain (Ive tried it before)....those injections probably wont work the doc said because my arthritis is very very bad.....and a knee replacement is not sounding so good either.

I took the prescription for pain meds, had it filled and will take it sparingly ....for now and will wait to see how much longer I can hold out.  I do have a high tolerance for pain but would love to do more walking than I do....actually just getting off the chair is painful and I would like it not to be.  But before I replace anything.....maybe I can get a few more years out of these old knees of mine.

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