Saturday, January 9, 2016


What is #free.....nothing because there is always a catch to it.    Have you ever noticed when that word pops have to read the fine print.  #free means paying shipping and handling for it; #free means you commit to a one year subscription; #free means commitment.....

But it is not that bad because when I see something #free and I have to buy something in order to get it....I think that if I need it anyway why not get something extra along with it?  I just got a book in the mail today for a place where I buy my clothes.  I love their clothes and wont buy anywhere else.  So when the book came today I decided I needed a few shirts and pants to get me through the winter. On the cover of this book, it said if I placed a $40 order I would get a 3 piece travel set for #FREE....

So I think I am ahead of the game...I was planning to order anyway, I usually spend way more than $40...and I am getting something for nothing...How do you feel about #free????

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  1. I think free isn't bad either, when you were planning on making a purchase anyway. I recently purchased some products on sale and had to purchase a certain amount to get free shipping, but I was going to buy that much anyway, so it worked out.