Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Baby its cold outside

Woke up the other morning to 28 degrees.  After having 70 degree weather all last week in NY never expected to get hit with this.  On top of that I had to return to work after being off for 13 days.  So I bundled up, got in the car and got to work.

So the office is warm and when I left it was about the same temperature but managed to do some shopping and some book tossing.  Got home, made dinner and decided to relax.  But alas I had one more trip to make - take my grandson home.  And to my surprise,  got into the car and read the temp.....19 degrees.  I am not for this type of weather...way too cold.

So what to do, besides blast the heat in the car.....nothing....not moving to warmer climate since all or most of my kids live here.....and what would I do in sunny Florida...besides enjoy the least it hasnt started snowing here I can live with the cold and count down to spring.....

I will now put away my sandals, and short sleeve shirts....and out will come the long pants, coats, hats, scarves, and gloves.....and lip balm....must have that on hand....and lotion because my hands also get so dry.  That reminds me...time to put in an Avon do you feel about the cold?  I know some people actually love know,like the type that skis.....yes, in my younger days I did ski also....but not now.....getting old I guess.....where are those gloves?  Why do gloves always disappear?

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