Thursday, January 21, 2016

Anew You

We all want and need to feel beautiful...but beauty starts at an early age.  You cant hit 75 and decide you want a beautiful face, soft wrinkle-free face and must start early.  How early?  Well I started in my 20s .... a clean face with a soft cleanser every night to remove the dirt that we don't even see.....then a moisturizer before going to bed.  I also use a moisturizer in the morning before going out for the day....the sun, and air these days are rough on your skin.  

So now that I convinced you to use a are not sure which one to use.  Well Avon has several for different ages as well as different skin types.....check out the Skin Care flyer below to find out what suits your age and skin type.....

Or go directly to my website and click on the online brochure and browse around. Right now the price is amazing on each jar that was selling for $38 each...check out the price in Campaign 4 now at


  1. Haven't been able to afford them lately, but I used to use the Anew products, which are really wonderful, and I highly recommend them.

  2. Thank you, I love them myself. Avon is having a great sale on them this campaign. ..Usually they are $38 each.... Please share my post in case someone else is interested. And have a great day.