Monday, December 28, 2015

When You Were Older

When You Were Older When You Were Older by Catherine Ryan Hyde
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Many of us experienced the 911 tragedy. This book covers what happens to a person (Russell) who gets a call before leaving for work that his mother passed away in Kansas and he had to return home to take care of both the funeral and his disabled brother. Therefore, he was not in the towers when they fell. He returns home both shaken by this revelation of surviving and what lays ahead for him. It also showed how a little town in Kansas was also affected by the 911 tragedy and what people did there to cope....despite many who were prejudice also. The story picked up when Russell falls in love with Anat who is Egyptian and whose father owns a bakery that becomes the focal point of hatred among the towns people....Great story.....of love, hate, compassion and survival.

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