Thursday, December 31, 2015

Growing up

Children can be ever changing.  Sometimes they behave and sometimes...well, let's just say they are not at their best.  But somehow, somewhere down the line you realize one day that they are finally growing up.

While we get to spoil our grandchildren, I think they never realize it until they are older.  Recently my grandson started high school and for some reason, he has really changed.  More mature and now instead of not wanting to be with grandma...well, he surprises us often by stopping by and staying to chat awhile.  Of course grandma always asks if he is hungry and then proceeds to make a snack or two for him.

We talk about sports, school, technology and just somethings things in general.  I love all my grandbabies..from the ones I can hold and snuggle with, to the toddlers who talk constantly and love to play with the moody ones who dont want to be bothered at certain the grown up one who actually comes to visit us just to spend some time with is good.


  1. That is neat to watch kids grow up and the stages they go through. It's wonderful that your grandson wants to stop by and talk. My 19 year old son loves going outside with his Grandpa, whenever we have dinner together, and just sit and talk.

    1. I love it. He actually spent New Years Eve with us and asked to sleep over, so we got to have breakfast with him too...