Thursday, November 5, 2015


Throwing...tossing...get out of the it comes.....yes, I do it and most of my co-workers do is it down a block and out the window I Avon book.  Every morning my newspapers are tossed on my I decided that along with approaching people to take an Avon book, or putting them on my mailing list to receive one via usps.....I will toss.

It is hard work but somehow I talked my grandson into helping me and he loves it.  On the way home from school we hit a block or two and he gets out and tosses books on people's steps or porches.  I havent gotten any calls but some have ordered online which is also ok.

Dont live in my neighborhood? and would like a book?  email me [] your name and address (you may if you like include your phone number but not required) and I will put you on my mailing list to receive a obligation to buy - but you can get a discount using the code WELCOME on your first order...all I ask is if you dont see anything you want....pass the book onto someone else.....thank you....

or order directly online at click on shop brochure to see what's new!


  1. Good idea! I'm glad it's given you some online sales. I hope it gives you more. I can understand why your grandson thinks it's fun. When I was younger, my friend had a paper route, and I absolutely loved going along with her and helping.

  2. You never know where sales may come from but I keep there was a sub at my school and I approached her at lunch - but you think I was giving her poison...she pushed the brochure back to me and said "I dont want Avon!) Then again the other day I asked my DIL to share a post where you can a free tote bag and because of it I got two online never know.....I keep trying...