Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Times are changing....

Ever look back at something you did and several years later you do it again but find the whole thing has changed?  Not making sense am I?  Let me explain....

In 1982 I became an Avon Rep and loved it.  When I went to bring my children to school I handed out books along with making friends.  I got a lot of business but did not make money that I could live on (thankfully my hubby supported us) my Avon money went to having breakfast out with friends or picking up something for one of my children.

I quit Avon in 1991 and got a full time job that paid much better and am still at the job today.  But with retirement down the road I thought I would once again try Avon....but this time it is a whole different world out there.  Orders are placed not by paper - but online.  Not only do I submit my orders online but anyone can go to my e-store and place an order.  Then there is social media out there.  Before it was face to face with customers....and it still is....but I have made a lot of friends through social media who order from me....I now go into doctor's offices and restaurants and pass out samples along with my business card (never had that last time) and my brochures.

I have actually passed strangers on the street (usually a mom pushing a carriage) and asked if they would like a book.  So even though times are changing...I have found that I have changed also.  Guess you are never too old....

Have a great day!


  1. That is true that time is changing. My mom also used to go to Avon meetings at a local hotel, and I don't think they have those anymore?

    1. No meetings, every thing is online or emails and very impersonal FB has helped and am connecting with some great and helpful people....but love my customers...they make my day!

    2. I figured the meetings weren't going on any more. I remember being so bored at them, as a kid, but my mom liked it, because she connected with people and sometimes won a prize.


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