Sunday, November 1, 2015

It's starting....

Yes, it is that time of year.  We are all getting ready for it....and it is just around the corner.  The weather is changing, the clocks are being set back and the lights will be going on in no time.

Right now all the leaves are changing...beautiful colors and mornings are refreshing although a bit cool.  Right up the road yesterday the kids were celebrating Halloween....candy and costumes and fun for all.  There were dances and parades.  Then we rest from all the candy we should not have eaten....and save ourselves for ---- Thanksgiving.  You know there will be lots of food for that.  We will eat, and watch football and eat some more.

Shortly after that there will be Hanukkah and/or Christmas whichever one you celebrate...or both if you do that.....with more eating.  Which will all setting us up for that first of the new year when we will all go on diets.....

I promise myself each year that I will not succumb to all the eating.  But of course I do.  Because everything is not only delicious but different.  Have you ever realized that some of the dishes you make for the holidays are not on your table everyday so therefore, you kind of indulge a little bit more than usual.

So this year I have made myself a promise to keep the indulging down a bit especially the sweets...and if I dont gain any weight - I will treat myself to something Avon - I am a buyer as well as a seller....treating ourselves with things is better than with food.....

Wonder what I should buy?   Maybe something for the kid in me?  Everyone loves Mickey!  Treat yourself at

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