Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Full of crock

My favorite word is in crock pot.  I am an avid user of one because I do not have any time to cook.  I am a good cook and when the kids were little I spent my days cooking and baking...going so far as to bake my own bread.  But alas, five kids later who are now grown with families of their own (hence the 9 grandkids) I have no use for cooking for just hubby and me.  So we do get by with minimal cooking and going out for dinner on weekends.

But I still love to cook, but having a full time job at a school, part time job selling Avon and a house to keep - plus the grandkids....well, cooking fell on the wayside.  So now when I need a full meal (going out is nice, but not practical) I turn to my crockpot.  Best invention in the world.  Up early before work, throw everything into it...set the timer and I am done.  Come home to a house that smells so good.....and the food is done, just scoop it onto the plate and you have a nice warm tasty meal, especially with winter coming.

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