Friday, November 6, 2015

Follow me

Every night I check my blog for any comments from people.  Of course my good follower Brenda always stops by and leaves a note or two.  (Thank you Brenda)

Then I look at my "follow" list and find there are only 22 people that truly follow me....According to my counter, there are over 100 people daily that view my blog but for some reason they do not desire to follow me.

I have run out of room for all the people who I follow and sometimes cant keep up with all the blogs, but somehow I manage to go through most of to comment more, maybe then I will get followers.

What makes someone follow another blog?  I know I follow someone because of many different things but mostly if we have the same interests.....reading, work, children, grandchildren, Avon, beauty, selling, crafts, crocheting, cruising, travel, - to name a few.

What makes you follow a blog?


  1. I follow a blog if they have the same interests, host giveaways, talk about organization, coupon deals, or recipes. I also try and comment on several blogs every day, but like you, few people come back and comment on mine.

    1. Guess we will just have to keep each other company lol

  2. I guess like you said.... shared interests and such. I tend to follow those with a creative bent, but of course, just keeping a blog is pretty creative. I have 285 followers, and I'd guess that less than 20 actually read my stuff.