Thursday, October 1, 2015

What's around the corner?

SnoopyLand......we all grew up with him....and every year he comes back...for Halloween, and Christmas....You're a Good Man Charlie Brown....Peanuts will live forever and our grandchildren's grandchildren will be watching it.  Why not go one better and buy -  a blanket - characters - or Snoopy himself.  Save it for a grandchild....Charlie Brown is forever  

This great deal is not available until C-23 which comes out October 12th...but you can get it earlier through me before it is all sold me today and I will pre-order it for you and have it delivered straight to your door....remember Christmas is around the corner....

Not into Snoopy and Charlie Brown (cant believe that) then browse C-22 easily accessed her - click on the brochure on the right side and enjoy.

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