Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We all do it.....

Some of us once a week....some everyday.....we do it in our neighborhood and we do it outside of our neighborhood.  We even go to other states to do it.  When we cant get around we do it online....and then some of us have other people do it for us....We do it for our children; for our parents and ourselves.

And today I did it.  The lease on my car is coming to an end and today I went out to shop for a new car.  I love the Honda CRV and of course, went to look at one.  I hate shopping - and usually do it online to save the hassle of being on my feet all, walking with alot of strangers....but car shopping is my favorite and cant wait until my car is ready to be picked a few days.

The CRV affords me room to put all my Avon products plus a box of brochures for going out on deliveries and for tossing brochures.  And it leaves enough room for the grocery shopping that I must do (we have to eat) although I find our supermarket is able to deliver....Mmmmm some things shouldnt be ordered online I guess.

So next time you see me I will be trotting around town in my new Red CRV - making Avon deliveries....please wave....I might just give you a ride!  

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