Saturday, October 24, 2015

Vrooom Vrooom

Beep Beep....lets get the car moving.  Fast, slow whichever way we go.  Hi again.  Feeling a bit on a high over it is not drugs....just natural euphoria because my car lease is up in another few weeks and I had the pleasure of going car hunting.  For me its a no-brainer since I love my CRV and guess what......another CRV is on the horizon.  My biggest problem is picking a color.  I already have most of the bells and whistles so the new one I got also has them, along with one or two have Pandora and that keyless entry - push the button to start....

It all came down to what color.....already had a blue, grey, brown and a silver car.....wanted something new and different and therefore, I went for the red.  Am I too old for a red car - one always thinks of a young man or woman in a red car - but what the heck, I love it.  Unfortunately I will have to wait for it as the red one was not in the showcase and will be shipped here in a few days.....

So waiting until Monday for the new car....until then...have a great weekend.

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