Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sleep? whats that?

It's amazing that as a young child you tend not to sleep - want to play instead.  Mom tries to get you to bed and you fight her tooth and nail.  As a teenager, I found that I loved getting up at noon but then again, getting to bed at 1 a.m. will do that to you.

As an adult, well, work all day and party all night....sleep?  And finally you marry and have children and there literally is no sleep anymore.  Now that the kids are older, moved out and have families of their own...well, time to sleep.  But for some reason (old age) that doesnt come that easily.

I find that the older I get the more stuff I have on my, children, health problems, worries etc. tend to keep me awake...along with too much coffee.  Recently hubby was in the hospital with heart problems.  They did a procedure and kept him overnight.  Upon returning home from a visit all day I found myself tired (driving back and forth to hospital) and exhausted (emotionally as well) and couldnt wait to hop into bed.  So why is it that I ended up on the computer, sitting around until 10 pm when I should have gone straight to bed.  Even after I got myself upstairs...I laid awake in bed until 1 a.m.  Try as I may the eyes would not even close.  Maybe because hubby wasnt there?  TV didnt help, reading didnt help - all things that worked before....So with 4 hours sleep, I rose and went to work feeling like a zombie.

Now you would think I am ready for sleep -after a day of work, running to the hospital to bring hubby home (by the way - he's sleeping) ... but I sit here on my computer blogging.  Punishing myself...of will I feel even worst tomorrow?


  1. I'm sorry you're having trouble sleeping. I hope tonight you can get a good rest and feel refreshed in the morning. It's hard when there's so much on our minds. I hope your husband feels better soon!

  2. Thanks Brenda...things have calmed down lately....and back to normal...whatever that is - lol