Thursday, October 15, 2015


Pajamas...nightgowns...underwear....nude...what do you wear to bed?  I am a nightgown person....always was.  Love the feeling of freedom on my legs plus I am usually hot in bed....ok, dont go there lol.

I like the free feeling of being comfortable and pajamas just make me feel wrapped a bit too tight.  Of course in my younger was ala nude...being first married and all.  But these days the bones dont get along with the chill you can get from sleeping nude.

I suppose as you get older, you get wiser and feel pajamas are the way to go = modesty, sensibility and of course warmth.  And today there are so many beautiful pjs....not your mother's pj's.....

Take a look at Avon's elegant lace trim pj's.......nice enough to run out to the curb for the newspaper...and so relaxing.  I like the way it is made of lightweight material and comes in the smallest size of 6 - all the way up to a 28W

Every woman can feel elegant and yet sexy.......take a look at this great set for only $29.99 at      

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