Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Food and then THIS

It's that time of the year again where everywhere you turn there is food.  We start with Halloween with all its candy leading up to the spooky day itself.  But that doesnt stop there because there is always left over candy and tempting as it is....well, still hard to resist.

That leads us into Thanksgiving..the biggest food day of all...when all day besides watching football, we eat.  Full course meals...where before we didnt have big meals everyday...but today from soup to nuts...and again desserts galore.....we start early and end late because as everyone knows there is no school the next day so we tend to stay up late.

Then, alas the two big holidays in December...starting with Hanukkah and its 8 days.....and all its fried food (latkes) and fattening foods and again, desserts......only to end the month with Christmas that last 12 days.....although there is fish somewhere in there but again loads of desserts.

So what am I leading up to....with three months of food all over...there is no wonder why we start the new years with............


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