Monday, October 19, 2015


I woke up early and of course while sipping my coffee I decided to check my blog because I love comments.  I also have Statcounter which records how many people went to my blog to read it.  Sometimes I get close to 100 people reading my blog.  And I love that.  I feel blessed to be able to write thoughts down and connect with people.  Probably because I am more of an introvert and this is my outlet.

So today I stopped on over and saw that not only over 100 people saw my blog, but they even shared it....hooray.  And then....the ball one commented.  I love to read blogs also, and I always comment on the ones I find so interesting even if it is a word or two.  I do have one loyal commenter (yes, I love your comments Brenda...we relate probably because of both working in a school) but would like some more..We dont even have to have anything in common.....So dont be shy....leave a word or two.....would like to get to know you.....

I write alot about fashion....since I sell Avon....but there are also posts about books - since I am an avid reader...and sometimes just about nothing in particular because it is the thought of the please comment...this way we can keep in touch....and connect.


  1. You mentioned me, I'm so excited! Thanks! I wonder the same thing you do. It says I have over 400 followers, but then only a couple of people ever leave comments. I wish I knew how to have more readers comment also.

  2. I notice who comments and wish more would...even a few words will do. I have the app Stat Counter and it shows how many people go to my sites - over 100 come to this one...where are they??? Always nice to "talk" to you....enjoy your blog.