Thursday, September 10, 2015

Now is the Time

The holidays are creeping up on us.  Next month is Halloween, then Thanksgiving and alas Christmas and or Hanukkah.  Are you prepared?  Do you need extra money to get all that food, all the gifts and what about the candy you will need.  And dont forget the decorations.  We all need a little bit more money just to keep up with the little expenses that pop up.

What better way than to Sell Avon.....easy to do, can sell online and just in time for all the holidays coming up....

You can join for only $15 and the best thing is you get your $15 back.....interested?

You can contact me for more information or go directly to sign up here and dont forget to use the reference code - ashapiro

Or you can go directly to my store at and click on the blue box that says Be-you-tiful


  1. Sounds great! I wish I had people to sell to, because I would sign up.

    1. You can always just try...I am doing it and networking pays off...this is a great deal. But if you cant sell...buying is also good. lol Can go directly to my online store at and check out the brochure online. It gets shipped in two days. Use the code WELCOME as a first time buyer for a great deal....


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