Saturday, September 12, 2015

Let's get ready for......

FALL....Enough of the hot weather and bring on the cool breezes, sun that is not so hot it burns you, sweaters and the ability to get around without feeling faint.  The best part of New York is the four seasons.  You can never get tired of them.  Just when you think you cant take anymore of summer....along comes Fall.

Fall is my favorite season.  I love Spring too but it is way too short.  Sometimes it feels we didnt even have a Spring.  But Fall lasts much longer and even though you need a sweater or light jacket, you can go around comfortably.  You dont need the air conditioning as much and your nights are comfortable to sleep in.

Along with the Fall comes the holidays.  And it begins....thinking of Halloween and of course, Thanksgiving....some people actually have started shopping for them.  And Avon has the best ideas for making your Thanksgiving table beautiful and getting the kids excited about Halloween.

Didnt know that, I bet.

Check out the latest brochure and get your Fall and Holidays ON!!!!!

Click here for a direct link or scan the QR code......

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