Friday, September 4, 2015

Color of Fall

With September here already, how far away is Fall?  With Fall I automatically think of color.  The color of the trees change to those beautiful browns, reds and purples....The color of the sky is also very clear.  The humidity leaves us and we are now outside with sweaters and light jackets

Feeling good goes with looking good.  That means even more color - maybe a hair color change and of course makeup .... what better way than to add some lipstick...........

So Avon is introducing Beyond Color Lipstick with 10 new shades.  Normally $8.00
Click here to see the sale price 

Want to see a whole catalog?  Click here for the latest issue....


  1. Nice looking lipstick on sale for a great price.

  2. Thanks...this new line is really great...there are so many colors to choose from.