Thursday, September 17, 2015

Beautiful Eyes

Did you ever notice how many male children have beautiful eyes and long eyelashes?  While the females - well guess that is why we use mascara.  I have 9 grandsons and I noticed that all of them have beautiful eyes and long eyelashes.  I myself use lots of mascara and eyeliner-otherwise you would not be able to find my eyes.  They are small and deep set into my to bring out my eyes I use eyeliner and mascara.

Avon just came out with their newest mascara - Big and as a good rep I tried it.  Not only does it go on easy, but it is waterproof.  It does the job of bringing out the best in your eyes.  And the best part is it is only $6.99.  Not sure it is for you?  Well Avon has more than one type of mascara....there is one that fits you.....ask me for a brochure....if you live in my area I will personally drop off a book with free samples.

If you are a distance from me, you can go online and order....first look through my brochure online here  ....if you need a book, I will gladly mail one to you....just email me at and leave your address.

Or just follow and like my FB page to get updated on all the great discounts available to my customers.......Facebook Page

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