Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bananas, apples, pears

Grapes, watermelon, juice, bread.....yes, that's a shopping list. And today was shopping day.  And I hate it....then we were also at JCPenney...clothes shopping.  Guess I am not what you call a happy shopper.  Some people love it and can do it all day.  I think it is boring, hard on the feet, tiring and makesA me hungry.

So what is the alternative?  We have to eat and of course need clothes from time to time.  Well. in this day and age we can always order online.  Supermarkets have now become part of the internet...type in your food and as long as you have a credit card - the food comes to you.  Every clothing store from Macys to Walmarts and also the pharmacy - just the other day I renewed a prescription by scanning into the phone --- they are all online and can deliver.

And I have easily joined the rest of the stores by opening my Avon Online Store so that you too can enjoy ordering all your makeup needs, lotions, cremes, bubble bath, kitchen items, jewelry, even clothes, etc....

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  1. I don't like going shopping either! Good luck with sales on your Avon Online Store!