Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back to School Time

Can't believe summer is over and we return to school this week.  I report on Tuesday and the children come in on Wednesday.  I have  been seeing back to school items all over...books, clothes, shoes, backpacks.  Kids are getting haircuts and new shirts and pants....Are we ready?  Are we ever ready?  No, but alas it is time....and we must return.

Moms are happy and even some kids are ready to return.....And what better TIME than now when kids go to school - moms have TIME for themselves.  TIME to relax after the kids get to school and do what they want...even if it means cleaning...but at least cleaning will be easier without the kids underfoot....why not take that extra cup of coffee, put your feet up for a few minutes and glance through an Avon book.....dont have one?  No worries....get an online book here..... 

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