Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Sitting here in the hospital doing nothing but thinking. Hubby was admitted and it's going to be a long venture.  Did you ever wonder what you would do if you really got the chance to sit.  We are all running all day - to our jobs, children, shopping, errands, airport etc.  Wouldnt it be nice to just sit all day, read and relax.  We only think of these things when we are on vacation.  Otherwise we are always in a rush.  It's just human nature these days.

But what if you did not have a choice.  Hubby goes into the hospital and everything stops.....no running except back and forth to the hospital.  When you get there it is like time stops and you sit.  At first you are having conversations with hubby and staff and other visitors.  But there are lulls where you sit for extended periods of time (maybe the patient went down for tests) and then the unspeakable happens.................you think!

Thinking in itself is not bad.  What you think about can drive you crazy.  When will this time in the hospital end?  Will he get better?  Why is it taking so long?  Many questions still haunt me but to keep my mind occupied I have brought along my Kindle to read - but you can just read so much.  

So I try to end each day with a bubble bath.  What better way to relax, especially since I am alone.  I need the down time and have found loads of different bubble baths that Avon sells....the fragrances are so soothing and relaxing....scents like LAVENDAR and VANILLA CREAM to name a few.

Cucumber Melon; Pomegranate; Pink Bubble; Blushing Kiss; Lily and Honeysuckle;.just to name a few.

Normally $8.00 each but in this catalog you can get 2 for $9.99...

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