Monday, August 31, 2015

Reason #6 - 100% guaranteed

100% Guaranteed - If you're not satisfied with anything, Avon gives you a full refund or replacement.

This is always a plus where I am concerned.  Not a given in alot of companies.  But I have actually experienced this.  Some customers are not satisfied or the product does not fit.  First I take it back and either replace it or refund your money.  The choice is yours.  I do try to sell the item first to someone else unless it is damaged.  Then it is sent back.

If I cant sell it, I will return it to Avon for a full refund.  Either way we both win.  So far I have only done this once with a pair of sandals that were way too big for my customer.  So dont ever feel you are stuck with an item you thought you would love or would fit....

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