Friday, August 28, 2015

Reason #4

 Economy - Avon is #1 because they've shown over the decades (about 125+ years) that quality can be inexpensive. We have skin care from $3 to $52, who else has that kind of variety? We have the #1 selling anti aging skin care in the nation!! 100% money back guaranteed so the products have to be good!!

When was the last time you bought makeup and didnt like it and tried to return it to the store?  Well, Avon takes it back.  I have taken back shoes that didnt fit, tops that customers didnt like and makeup they didnt want.  Our makeup is usually on sale and I have bought in bulk so that my customers can keep getting the sale price even after the sale has ended.  

Do you use makeup remover.  Avon's is the best, taking off all the residue and leaving the skin silky.  And now you can try it for as little as 99 cents....

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