Monday, August 24, 2015

Past the age of 50

We all get to that age where we have changed.  Our attitudes change, our looks change and our skin changes.  We lose the elasticity in our skin and also sometimes the ability to move as fast as we use to.  But that is no reason to stop living, to stop taking care of ourselves.  What we must do is just adjust and change a few things the way we did that is not as hard as you think.

The first change should be your foundation.  Use of cremes are much better than powder.  Cremes moisturize your skin.  Lipstick?  Please continue to use it...maybe not the color you were using....just tone it down a bit, more mauves.
Eyebrows still need to be defined.  And dont go nuts with the eye shadow.  I myself do not use eyeshadow.  Never got use to it and felt I wasnt applying it right...Who needs it....

Eyeliner and mascara are a must.  I tend to use black mascara on my lashes but the eyeliner in black is too dark for me.  You see I have small eyes, so I go with the gray or brown..
Moisturize moisturize moisturize....I have a day creme, a night creme...for my face and lotions for my arms, legs and a foot creme for my feet. (Summer time tends to dry the out especially wearing sandals.)
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