Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Oh my feet

My feet hurt..always did.  Walking is a problem for me but too much walking shows in my legs and feet.  Swollen and achy.....what to do?  I have finally found the best treatment in the's like having your own spa.   Better than going for a pedicure.

I am a lavender lover.  I love creams and sprays in lavender.  Own some lavender candles and you can smell it in my bathrooms also.  And Avon has LAVENDER.  Foot balms, overnight creams and sole cushion creams.  Dont like lavender?  No problem - they also have regular moisturizing cream. The products are endless - all kinds of foot creams, for every need.  From soaks to deodorizing foot wipes.....and now there is a sale going on.  So head on -  click on the following link and shop from your home....your tootsies deserve it.

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