Monday, August 31, 2015

Mailing List

Have you ever noticed how many mailing lists you are on?  I think I have lost count.  Plus, the fact that I have several email addresses - makes for a confusing time.  But I happen to love mailing lists.  I have one email address for all the mailing lists I want to be put on.  I check it often and actually enjoy reading all the mail I signed up for.  If I do get tired of them, I can just unsubscribe.

And that goes for Avon.  You can now be placed on my mailing list for this blog and receive emails on all my blogs and find out what is new with Avon I, along with other things I blog about like book reviews.  It's so easy to do....just click on the tab above that says "Campaign Mailing List" and you will get my blogs sent directly to your email address.

There is also a place for comments, so please feel free to leave one, ask a question or request a free catalog and samples....  

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