Friday, August 7, 2015

Hair Day

Today I will be cutting my hair.  Have you ever decided you wanted to cut it but just dont know what kind of style you want.  I usually go with a short bob.....short in the back, longer on the sides.  This time I think I need a change.  Thinking of going with layered look, short still but longer on the sides.  Want my earring to show but not my whole ear.

I came across a style that looked nice and is for round faces (mine)....what do you think?


Found this online and hoping the hairstylist can do something like it.  It has been terribly hot here in NY and my bob just isnt doing anything for me..This is certainly cooler....Would love the color too but will just have to stay with my medium brown as I am not that adventurous.

I will continue to use my Avon shampoo and conditioner which leaves my hair so silky.  I love Advanced Technique with its Moraccan Argan Oil in both the shampoo and conditioner.

It's only $6.00 but there is a special offer going on now at

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