Thursday, August 6, 2015

Free Avon Samples

Ever want to try something before buying?  You try on shoes, clothes, accessories but not makeup. Obviously you cant until you go to a store that has samples out for you.  Usually the samples are out in the open and not individual.  The makeup artist will use the same pot for everyone to try.  Not sanitary at all....and what about cologne?  Spray it on (how many sprays can you do before they all mingle and you just dont know what scent you like).

All this should be in the privacy of your home where you can wash off a scent in order to try another. Or use a cream whenever you want to.

So I have devised a way for you to receive some samples and all you have to is follow the steps below.

It's that simple....still not sure?  LIKE my Facebook page at for more information on my e-store and discounts.

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