Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Eyes Have It

Today I left the house to drive to my appointment and sat in the doctor's office waiting.  The nurse arrived and asked me if I was ok, since I didnt look like myself.  I said I was fine, just a bit tired.  I finished with the appointment, left and got myself an iced coffee and went home.  And then I went into the bathroom and saw my EYES....Oh My, I had left the house without makeup on.No eyeliner, no mascara - no wonder I was asked if I was alright.  Wearing eye makeup is second nature, but I guess today I was just not thinking and realized too late how I looked.  Don't you usually put it on even if you are only going to the grocery store?  How many of us wear it to the beach or pool?
Don't leave home without it.....and to make life easier, Avon is now selling a mascara that is clump, smudge and flake-free, sweat and waterproof, hypoalergenic and even contact wearers can use it.

And it's only $6.99....get it now here 

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