Monday, July 6, 2015

What happened to 3,4,5? Today is Day 6

So I'm not good at blogging everyday.  Well, I'm on vacation and if it is beautiful outside....well not going to be home to blog.  So the days have finally become bearable and outside is great.  I did bring out the laptop to my deck once, but did nothing......instead I BBQ and read and relaxed.

Today although not a work day is going to be a doctor visit and then taking my grandson out to Dave and Busters.  A video place where the kids go nuts, play games etc.

 I have tried a few and this grandma stinks at it.  But they do serve lunch there....and with rain coming tomorrow....let the fun begin.

Also plan on doing some walking around the neighborhood, dropping off Avon books as I go along.  Did I tell you about the scam artist I got an email from?  No?  Well, that's for another to follow of our adventure today....

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