Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Your skin is amazing.  Have you ever wondered about the complexity of it renewing itself.  Get a burn and somehow the burnt skin comes off and new skin grows right back.  It amazes me still that people in a burn unit even though they must endure those skin graphs....still has regrowth.

So why not take care of your skin.  Not an easy job you say.  True - nothing worth it ever is.  Most of us wash our least I hope so....but how many of us scrub, clean, moisturize and take care of every inch of our skin.

I use to wash and forget about it.  Now that I am older I have been paying more attention to my skin. I moisturize always and all over.  My face first, then arms and legs..I even have foot cream.  Those summer days are hard when you wear sandals.

And what do I use?  Avon of course.

My face is always moisturized with Anew....been using it for years and no one believes I am nearing 70....not even me

Then comes the arms and legs are really dry but Skin So Soft has helped me along the way

They also sell lotion.....and don't forget Bug Guard.....smells good and keeps those pesky mosquitoes away.

Last, but not least, my feet love the feeling of Footworks....even if I skip a day, they still feel soft.

I wouldn't sell Avon unless I used it.  So why don't you try it?  Still not convinced?  Take a quick look through my brochure......on the right side of this blog is a book you can click on and take a look at.  If you see something and like it and would like to buy....comment here, stop by the e-store and sign up for emails.  I will attach a 10% discount to your email address for your first Avon order.

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