Monday, July 13, 2015

Science and then some

Today was a long day starting off with a doctor's visit.  Hubby is not on the well side so we often go for visits to keep an eye on things.  But alas we had one of the grandkids with us and to keep him busy - took along electronics and he watched Netflix...stayed in car since there was no parking spots and he found that the passenger seat lies back - so he was comfortable for a while.

From there we promised his one of his favorite places - NY Hall of Science where we had lunch, played miniature golf, and took interest in the sciences all around including how bubble are made....

 After lunch we went on the golf range and hit a few balls....he has become very good at this game.

 Here we found out how much water our body is holding - just by stepping on a scale and they calculate the percentage of water in your body.....

 Bubbles, giant bubbles and how they work - and then we popped them..

All in all a great day.......

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