Thursday, July 23, 2015


We all do it.  Whether it is a book, a magazine, a letter or even just a food label, we all read.  Getting there wasn't so easy though.  Remember the first time you tried to read....probably not.  But bet your parents do.  I had five children and books were an important part of our lives.  While I am an avid book reader - hubby not so, but give him a magazine or newspaper....well, his knowledge overfloweth.

Getting my children to read was a hassle but with each one I had to find what they liked and how to incorporate it into reading.  Going shopping - lets read the bags in the grocery store; read the labels on the clothes, etc.  Going to a the menu.  There are several ways to get your children to read....Every bit helps. Simple books on what they love will always do it....dinosaurs, cars, etc

My books now consist of Mysteries - found on my Kindle reader......and Avon Books, which by the way are FREE.  Not getting any Avon Books?  Let me know.  If I am in your neighborhood I can drop one off.....I also mail out books directly to you.....or I can email you the latest brochure.

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