Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hopping day ONE

Although I am on vacation technically, it seems the day still started off early....too early.  It's vacation and I should be able to sleep in.  But alas, up and at 'em.....and on the way to.....the doctor's.  Hubby not doing good, so had to return to doc to check out meds, etc.  Thought it was a beautiful day and not wanting to stay home....we ventured from the doctor to..............the cemetery?  OK, it's been awhile since we visited the folks and it being good weather, we dropped by.  They were doing ok.

Only a few feet away was the LIE so we decided to hop on that and go out to the island for........some shopping.  The old dining room set leaves a lot to be desired - dont ever get glass table tops especially with children.  All scratched - and well it was time.

Do you know how difficult it is to find an oak dining room set?  Well, nearly impossible...better yet, it is impossible.  So we settled for something close, pretty, all wood with only 4 chairs - so had to buy 4 comes with a leaf so the table will be big when we need it....

Now, after all that we realized it is already 3 pm and we haven't had lunch - actually I never had we stopped at a diner, had a bite to eat and here we are at home....relaxing.....need a nap maybe....

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