Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 2

This blog is about my 60 days of vacation.  Yes, you heard a school secretary I get two months off.... there was a time when I worked summer school, but after getting sick for awhile, I decided to not work in the summer and just chill out.

Sometimes I book a vacation but this year it will be just relaxing at home.  Side trips might be nice.  Meantime, on Day 2 - I was at the doctor's.  OK OK, that's not a vacation, but I had to go.  Blood work etc. came back good, not to return until November.  Grandson slept over last night, so we treated him to breakfast when I returned from the doctor.

Talking about breakfast.....what do your kids eat.  GS just had toast and butter with chocolate milk.  And you know they get whatever they want when they are at grandmas.  Probably not the best of breakfasts but....its vacation time!!!

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