Friday, July 17, 2015


I received a comment recently asking about my blog where I mentioned a scam artist.  So here is the basic story.

I sell Avon - just started again as I once sold it when my youngest was born (32 years ago).  Went back to it because I do love it and use it completely - their creams, makeup - cant find a better foot cream anywhere....anyway, back to the story.

I received an email from someone who sent me a $145 order for Avon.  She wanted me to place the order, she would send me a company check (said they dont deal with credit cards?) and have someone come to my house to pick up the items.

I was lucky that I belonged to a FB group of Avon Reps and put this email out to them.  Everyone posted back that it is a scam

Why? Apparently these people (and there were many) send a check for more than the amount of the bill and ask you to wire back the balance - duh

Or sometimes they ask you to send a check (bank info) - duh

Plus, I dont like any strangers coming to my house.  So I replied back that I do not accept checks and that she should order online.  NEVER HEARD FROM HER AGAIN!

Be careful out there everyone.......lots of bad guys (and girls) out there.

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