Friday, April 10, 2015, wait....wait

This morning we (meaning hubby, and two of my grandsons) went to the doctor.  Well, hubby that is.  He had a regular checkup with the urologist and it was at 9 that would mean - going, signing in, getting checked and out.....NO

Of course there was no parking, so I sat in the car, parked in a no parking zone, with the boys.  But we amused ourselves for ipods and ipads and some music...while we waited, and waited, and waited.
Finally got a call from hubby, the doctor isnt in yet, on his way from the hospital and probably another 1/2 is now 10 am.

Alas, the doctor showed up at 10:30 am - and hubby comes out of office at 10:35 am....on our way home....So we sat for 1-1/2 half hours and he saw my husband for five minutes....what' wrong with this picture?

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