Monday, April 6, 2015

It has been a while......

Life  has been getting in the way of my blogging.  That's the good thing I think.  As a busy lady I am grateful that I am healthy (sort of) and am able to work - have many children and grandchildren who keep me going, a great husband and somehow in between I find time to read, crochet, sell jewelry on Etsy and now I have become an Avon Rep.

This week I am off and will be trying to get some order into my life.  Priorities and all that stuff. Thinking of closing down Etsy (click here) ....but before doing that I will have to sell my stash of be on the lookout for some bead sales and pass the word.

Meantime, if you feel beautiful (and we all should) stop by my online store for Avon (click here) and pick up a thing or two....there is free shipping available also.  All online orders ship within two days....Have a great day!

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