Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bee Hives Begone

The idea of bees is scary. I am certainly not a fan. But having a back yard with a bar b q certainly brings them out. So somehow we have always put up with them.  And they were happy to put up with us. So happy that they decided to make a honey comb in our backyard shack. And there they have been reproducing so much that they were constantly all over my backyard.

So instead of insect repellent - we bought an insect killer.....sorry but not sharing my food with bees.  Besides the grandkids are deadly afraid and allergic.  We bought a spray to get rid of their hives (yes there were two of them) and sprayed away.  Tonight we will knock the hives away - the bees havent been back since summer and we are hoping when they do come and do not find their hives, they will go somewhere far far away.

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