Thursday, August 21, 2014

I thought I saw....

a piece of nana in my children.  How many times have been looked at our children and/or grandchildren and see something they do or say that reminds you of an earlier generation?  Is it coincidence ? a sign? or something "higher" that is telling us we continue to live in each other.

When my children were first walking (many years ago) it surprised me that sometimes they actually stood up with their hands behind their back.....

A trait my grandmother always had.....and this freaked me out - seeing it in my children.....I still feel it was  a little bit of her handed down into their generation......and thus we continue the chain.  We continue down the line with grandchildren - who love to watch wrestling..because that is what their great grandfather used to do.

There is a little piece of all of us that gets handed down through the generations.

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