Wednesday, July 2, 2014


 HI....everyone....havent been around for quite some time.....havent been blogging, that is.  I have been reading books and posting reviews....other than that I have been battling a health problem and it doesnt seem to be getting better.

It is called Neuropathy and has been affecting my feet and legs.  Currently on nerve meds and pain have been coping.  Lately I have been having the same problem with my hands, so typing is bothering me, but I manage.  Off for the summer so will not have to worry about work....and will be going on vacation this summer....looking forward to that since stress does not help my condition.

I belong to a great group on FB and we encourage each other and share info......Anyone of my blogging buddies have this condition?  Would love to chat about it.

Since I am not a complainer, and push myself to cope with this problem and enjoy life as much as I can (just a bit slower these days).....I will try to keep up with my blogging again.

Are you a reader? Then take a look at my book reviews and enjoy.  Love mysteries about you?

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