Thursday, July 31, 2014

Beauty is in the eye......

......or the lips, or the about the hair....or better yet....

inside..........We all have our beauty supplies, some of us more than less...I remember when I was younger I had a whole slew of beauty supplies.  Eyeliners, foundations, eyelash color and curler, rouge (do they use that anymore?) plus tweezers and then to the hair - spray, color, combs and brushes, hot flat irons, hairdryers, shampoo, conditioners.  

And here I am, 40 years after starting to use every beauty supply there was, just using two - eyeliner and hair color.  There seems to be something about the 60s (age not the year) that makes me think I can do with less not more.  So I cream my face up at night (along with arms and legs - dry skin terrible) and upon starting my day, a little eyeliner will do.  I dont even use rollers any more - trying a hair style that is easy to manage, and a flat iron if the weather makes it a bit curly.

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