Saturday, January 4, 2014

P-book or E-book?

I recently read an article on "How e-books change the reading experience" ( and it got me wondering......why did I ever change from reading a load of books to reading a Kindle?

Well, that phrase - load of books - is one reason.  I no longer had any place to put the books.  My shelves were full and I personally very rarely re-read a book.  I love doing reviews and I do them often either here and/or on Amazon.  But the amount of books, even after lending them out, finally overran my house.

But on the other hand, I am now the owner of 4 Kindles.....The best thing about it the ability to keep the same books on all Kindles....therefore, I leave one by my bedside, one in the living room, one in my tote bag and that also has games on it left for hubby or the grand kids to use.  A little obsessive ....

But I like the idea of being able to read anywhere I am and picking up the same "book" wherever I may be.  I read often and sometimes find myself waiting (in a doctors office) and am able to whip out my Kindle and pick up where I left off.  And if by change I finished a book while waiting, well then I go right to the next book I keep downloading.  ...............

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