Tuesday, January 14, 2014


...the weather that is.  What is happening these days with the weather?  So we start the year off with a blizzard....several feet of snow all throughout NY and the mid-west got hit even harder.  We even had a day off from School....and they never close the schools here.  But the new mayor made a great decision to keep everyone off the streets......

So after digging out the car, cleaning the sidewalks and making hot cocoa.....we settled in for a long weekend.  Of course, the plow kept coming down the street and pushing all the snow back into our driveway.....but shovel we did (actually my son did a great job as my husband and I can no longer do heavy shoveling - time for Florida?????)

But then what helped was the fact that we got RAIN...lots of it, heavy at times so that the snow slowly melted away - and turned into flood areas......and then a wonderful thing happened and is still happening........here it is the middle of January and we are getting 50 degree weather.....crazy......crazy.

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