Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014 Resolutions

I resolve to blog more.  Some of you are probably wondering where I went off to.  My health hasnt been so great but I have decided that 2014  will definitely be a better one.  I also lost some friends this year and it has taken a toll on me.  Being my age, I suppose you must see the losses.  Having been named Executor has also kept me busy and 2014 will be busier since the paperwork still is not finished.  But on to better things...

Starting in 2014 I resolve to blog every day, even if it is only one word.  I resolve to take better care of right, sleep well and try not to get stressed out.  I resolve to take more pictures of family and around me....stop to smell the roses.

Life is I only too well know....but it can be full and relaxing. Here's hoping your New Year is a good one........

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